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$1 but only if you book within 48 hours of receiving our text with the $1 offer.


No matter your circumstance or location, Musical Makers Club wants to continue creating happy, confident and fulfilled performers because we understand that every Musical Maker has their own dreams and aspirations.


Thriving on inclusiveness, we have adapted our vocal program to help make those dreams a reality, as we bring the singing experience and creative learning to your home. 


Enjoy our 'Singing Hub'. Discover your voice with us!


This offer is limited... BOOK NOW!

Singing for $1 Insanity Offer

$20.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
  • Time and time again, we see our student's confidence levels soar through one-on-one training. Our students have achieved great results while learning online.

    Take a chance for only $1... limited offer expires within 48 hours of receiving your text message offer.


    Gwen Blake - Musical Maker Mum says...

    "My daughter counts down the hours and days until her next virtual singing lesson. It's the absolute highlight of her week.


    As for my son, he has been able to connect with his Coach and peers in a way we never considered possible online."

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