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MMC Singing Hub
Welcome to your virtual booking space for private lessons with our Coaches!


1. VIRTUAL SING STARS MEMBER - If its your first time here and you have recently showed interest in regular virtual singing lessons, and purchased a Vocal Assessment, you may book one lesson as your trial session. After that session you may opt-in to become a Member to receive regular weekly sessions and membership benefits. 

2. STARS MEMBER - If you are already a member for in-person classes (whether that be a Rising Stars OR All Stars program participant), you may receive ONE SESSION PER TERM as part of your Stars Membership. 

3. GOLD STARS MEMBERIf you are already a member for in-person classes (whether that be a Rising Stars OR All Stars program participant), and are looking to increase your singing lesson frequency, you may book one weekly session during school terms at an additional $40 per month!

Our mission at Musical Makers Club is to create happy and confident kids. This is why we have added great value by delivering confidence building experiences like no other to our members via our Singing Hub!

Private lessons are a great way to strengthen your craft and develop your voice. The confidence gained from one-on-one training is phenomenal and can fast track the progress of the developing singer. 


We have selected MMC Coaches from our team who are vocal training experts. Choose from our wonderful singing team below by clicking your preferred Coach. Places are limited... Book today!

How does it work?

Simply click your preferred Coach from the above selections.


If you attend a program with us in-person, you do not have to choose the Coach from your Club location, though we do recommend trying that first as your child may have built a rapport with them. Ultimately, it is totally up to you and your availability.


Each Coach has placed their available teaching times in the online booking calendar. You just need to click the times you want and book them! ​​

If you are unsure on your membership inclusions, email to check.

If you are trialling the Singing Hub and are booking your Vocal Assessment, then you may only book one session, until you become a full member (at which point you receive ongoing classes). 

All you need to do is book your desired time on the online calendar.



You can only book one term at a time! Please click through and book for each week as it is not automated. For ongoing class memberships, we recommend booking your lessons up front for the term and taking the time to click each week in advance to book.


We highly recommend choosing the same Coach and the same time each week (where possible), to have consistency for both you and your Coach. However should you need an alternate time in a week due to being unavailable, you can opt for a different time/day for that week.

NOTE: No-shows and missed classes by the student are forfeited. Be sure to see our terms and conditions in your 'MMC Info Guide' for all the information.

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