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No matter your circumstance or location, Musical Makers Club wants to continue creating happy, confident and fulfilled performers because we understand that every Musical Maker has their own dreams and aspirations.


Thriving on inclusiveness, we have adapted our vocal program to help make those dreams a reality, as we bring the singing experience and creative learning to your home. 

We understand that finding the right vocal Coach is pivotal to your personal development and we ensure that we meet the needs of each student. 

​Time and time again, we see our student's confidence levels soar through one-on-one training.

Learn vocal techniques, strengthening exercises, how to breathe and apply this to your favourite songs from our experienced vocal coaches. Even more importantly, we get you ready for live and recorded performances, whether that be onstage or on-screen. We will work towards building confidence and making sure you have lots of fun in the process.


We help you find your voice and define your sound, guiding you in your chosen style and genre. 


Places are Limited - Don’t Delay – Contact us Today!

With over 20 years experience, we know that great results can be achieved in a virtual space when it comes to private lessons.

See what our Members have to say...

Virtual Singing Lessons
(All ages & abilities are welcome - youth & adults)


singing lessons online testimonial

Gwen Blake - Musical Maker Mum

"My daughter counts down the hours and days to her next virtual singing lesson. It's the absolute highlight of her week. As for my son, he has been able to connect with his Coach and peers in a way we never considered possible online." 



Tracey Kokden - Musical Maker Mum

"Musical Makers Club has put a smile back on my daughter's face. She's been home self-isolating for weeks now and was beginning to go stir crazy. MMC have brought fun back into her days as she sings along with the Coaches, learning new songs online.


The support Musical Makers Club is giving is amazing. She is even learning more about technology! All round, this has been a very positive, fun, interactive and exciting experience for her. A huge Thank you to the MMC Coaches for giving my daughter something to look forward to".


Traci Tritsaris-Fox - Musical Maker Mum

We have been with the MMC for 10 shows and 5 years. We have been in every show to date from age 5 and also a private singing student both in-person and now virtually.

My daughter loves it!


MMC is a professional, outgoing and fun creative outlet for children who love to sing, dance & act. The team of teachers are professional and caring at all times to the entire team, putting children's needs as their upmost priority. You will not be dissapointed.


We simply book you in for private lessons via Zoom using our exclusive Singing Hub portal. Choose one of our experienced and inspiring MMC Coaches.


We have 25 minute and 40 minute private lesson options. You will at first receive an online Vocal Assessment class, to see where you/your child is at and gage their interests.


After your first lesson (and you decide you loved it), we have suitable membership options for you to select from. 


Let's find a Coach to suit you. Get in touch today!

If you would would like to book your Vocal Assessment and get the ball rolling, Contact Us!

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